JuMi Orlando Trip - Part 3


In my opinion, a good journey is when unexpected events and/or opportunity arise. I find when a travel schedule is strict, the journey becomes more of a duty rather than an adventure. This journal would be the last post for JuMI's Orlando trip which is composed of our 5th and 6th day of our trip. We were hit by tropical rainstorm and we experienced how it's like to travel with a wheelchair. I am thankful for the four smooth days at the beginning of our trip as well as our two challenging days at the end our trip. 

We experienced insane tropical rain storm at 10:30pm while we waited for our bus to come for 30 mins on the 5th day. The rain was so heavy that it poured through the ceiling and we were completely soaked even when we were under the protection of bus station. Some people were kind enough to lend us their towel so Miya can stay warm. I however was busy taking pictures and filming as I have never seen tropical rainstorm before. 

The 6th day was really sunny and Miya had really serious pms which attracted paramedics and polices to assist us. When helps came I was debating between whether I should film this whole process or if I should put down my camera and be there to provide spiritual support for Miya. Of course, I put away my camera and we went to first aid to cool down and pop in a few pain killers. The pain pain came back and forth so I decided to wheel her around for the rest of the day just in case Miya collapse in the sun like she did in the morning. 

Not that we were doing it on purpose but being in wheelchair has awesome privilege as we get first priority for lineups as well as seating arrangements. We didn't want to abuse the special privilege but since we were immobilized for 3 or 4 hours we accepted our special wheelchair privilege and skipped line ups and get the best seats. 

I enjoyed the last two days the most as the challenges made this journey into an adventure. Disney world became more than just an amusement park because what we experience is different than what 90% of the people would experience. Though I got to say I prefer not having the need to go through that again! 

Overall I really enjoyed our Orlando trip. We did have arguments over little things as conflicts are bond to happen from trips, but we always overcome it and laugh about it after the trip. Our bonds are strengthened due to unexpected events, and I treasure every part of our trip :) 

Thanks for following JuMi's Orlando trip! I'll be going to Spain tomorrow and I shall update our Europe journey when I am back :) 

See nyannyan in a few hours la :)