My training result with Aaron

Four months ago I went to meet Aaron with only 1 intension in mind, "I want my belly fat gone, and I want to be able to see my abs which had been protected with my thick layer of fat for 26 years." But in 4 months the idea went away and Aaron genuinely gave me knowledges that soon changed my thinking and lifestyle. I am now much stronger and healthier than ever before! 

Like everything in life, there are no shortcuts. Same with acquiring the physical shape that I wanted, there were no easy methods. Shortcut only works for small period of time, and soon if we don't maintain it, they come back immediately. So I have been taught to work hard and eat right to gain long lasting results.

I started eating much healthier while knowing what food to purchase and what time to eat. The recipe for a healthy diet is simple! Eat what our ancestors eat! Any food that is processed or not recognizable should not be digested because it would either create toxics that builds up in our body or damage our health in someway. Diet plans are fine, but the weight gains back (or gets lost) as soon as the diet plan stops. By eating and purchasing food that is raw in it's original form, they provide the body with necessary nutrients and gain long term benefits.

To my surprise, by exercising and eating right I don't get sick as often, and when I do get sick, it goes away in less than a week. It usually takes me at least 2 weeks to recover with the help of medication, but now I don't even need to take medicine to get better! My body is much more durable and regenerates much faster compare to before. By eating right and training right, the physical form I want would come naturally. 

Aside from health growth, my strength has also drastically grown. When I started I was doing dead lifts at 135lbs and just three weeks ago before going to Europe I managed to dead lift 275lbs. I started off being only able to do 15 (proper) push ups and now I could do up to 35. My other biggest growth were pull ups, I used to only be able to do 5 proper pull ups and I just did 10 today. 

I have been inspired to go hit the gym at least 5 times a week. It matters not if it was 30 minute or 60 minutes. The idea is that my body is always being trained and my blood is always pumping. To me now is like eating at least 3 meals in a day and sleeping at night. It comes naturally. 

Aaron had been knowledgeable, patient, flexible, and above all, genuine. He gives without thinking return, and he provides more answers and resources than what was asked. My success is his success and he thrives to find answers when he does not know.

He taught me that life is about living healthy and exercising so we can enjoy what we want to eat on our cheat days. He taught me that it's not about counting calories and a perfect diet plan. He knows what my limits are and gave me just enough challenge. Lastly he guided me and always found alternative techniques and breathing patterns so that I can work with my body limitations. He would always find a way to make my body stronger.

I found it critical for one to find their own trainer to gain knowledge and techniques that are customized to how their body works. If one were to train without proper coaching and techniques first, it would be easy to create long term injuries with non optimal results. Aaron does not specialize in just personal training, he is a strength and conditioning coach that works together with you to help you perform what you want to perform best in. 

Today marks the last session of my training with Aaron who guided me and trained me for total of 3 months. It's been a great experience and I am really happy with my growth and will continue to hit the gym with your teachings as well as eating healthy to maintain a positive lifestyle! Go visit his website :)

Special thanks to Anthony with Engineered Bodies for allowing me to train at the gym

Me doing 275lbs dead lift :) I am very proud of myself considering that I have a bad back! 

I am not the best boxer, but this is my fav warm up with Aaron before starting to lift weights

Thanks again Aaron for your constant guidance!