Lifes that makes me wonder

I was driving to meet my good friend Stephanie two weeks ago and I was stopped at a red light. There I saw a woman dressed in circus outfit juggling three pins. I've seen many homeless people asking for money at traffic light intersections and most of the time I roll up my window and avoid eye contact; especially when those that come toward my car with a bucket of water and sponge. Unlike most homeless people I have seen that have a look of dissatisfaction, she had a huge bright smile with eyes full of appreciation. 

It made me wonder what type of life she lived, what type of life is she living now, and how is she able to smile so brightly and laugh so loud. A quote came into my mind as I wondered, "wealth is a state of mind, not how much money one possess." I don't know what her life is like but I would have liked to believe she has one of the wealthiest minds one can have to laugh so brightly and loud. I only met her once for a total of less than 30 seconds. She inspired me to appreciate. Her smile tells me that her performance on the street where red light intersection could be full of joy and laughter if we focus and observe our surrounding. We often need to stop and pause and see the beauty that we can appreciate right at this moment. Waiting for a red light to turn green can transform into a moment of appreciation instead of cursing the long traffic and thinking of arriving late to the next meeting.

I don't want to make too many assumptions that may or may not be true but I feel inspired by her loud laugh and energy. I want to learn to appreciate more.