When 21 degrees became -12 degrees

For 1.5 months we were looking forward to our Valentines Orlando trip. We wanted to escape from the rain at Vancouver and visit Harry Potter Theme Park at Orlando. With all of our summer outfits and fantasizing 21 degrees sunshine at Florida we ended up encountering -12 degrees Toronto's winter with freezing wind. Make long story short, we flew from Vancouver but U.S. officers stopped Miya from entering at Toronto because her passport was close to expiration so she was interrogated for 1 hour (I had to stand outside and wait without being updated. The officer even lied to Miya that I few to Orlando already)

After an officer came and found me sitting at the border sleeping (they did not allow me to go to the waiting area) they told me Miya already went to departure and flying back to Vancouver. Skipping the details... we had to fight 6 hours of battle with Air Canada's managers at Toronto afterwards and we decided that we might as well spend a few days in Toronto instead of fly back to Vancouver immediately. So our first vacation together was at a place that was 5 times colder than Vancouver. I must say that after we put away our frustration and disappointment our trip turned out to be pretty decent. Of course...we wish we could have dressed more appropriately for the cold weather...I was fine...but Miya only had black stockings + skirts + her hoodie...that was not enough for the winter at Toronto...

P.S. Most of the people at Toronto doesn't smile and have really big attitude...none of the employee at Air Canada smiled nor showed any single care about their customer. They even raised their voice unreasonably (5 different people)...I understood immediately what people mean by Toronto being a busy city. People don't have time to stop and smile. Okay! End of complaint! 


After we decided to stay at Toronto for 4 days we went to the food court at the airport and researched Toronto's tourist area. It was pretty fun! We both didn't have much time to plan our Orlando trip together due to our different busy schedule but we had lots of extra time to slow down our pace and plan our trip together. I found it ironic that we went to Toronto to slow down our pace.  


Sub + Bus. Was complicated until we discovered that data plan works across Canada! It then became treasure hunting and exploring. We got to Holiday Inn at around 8:00pm on first day and went for sushi before we head to bed. 


Next morning we planned a detail route of exploration. I wore two layers of pants and nyannyan wore as many layers of shirts under her hoodie. I don't think that helped much, there were no ways to keep her legs warm with those stockings :(

Exploring the city reminded me of my visits at Taiwan except it was the other way around on temperature. At taiwan I woud go visit a convenient store for air condition every 2 min. In Toronto we had to visit a coffee shop every 2 min so we can start feeling our fingers again. We progressed very slowly and avoided going on bus unless the walk is more than 30 mins because we love exploring! 


Nyannyan's rule of thumb. Ice cream is for all season, no matter how cold it is!


I had to stop and ask this handsome dog to pose for me. Nyannyan hates dogs so she ran away, I stopped for 20 seconds and gave this buddy a portrait session :) We arrived at distillery district which is kinda like Vancouver's Granville Island shaped in Gastown where a lot of artist and handcraft goods gather. Really cool place! 


Had to try their ramen as we both love ramen lots! I think Kenzo ramen is suppose to be one of their best Ramen place? Don't bother trying if you are planning to visit Toronto! Vancouver's ramen far surpass them! Just saying! 

I will blog about our 3rd and 4th day later on next week :) a lot of photos to go through! Miya filmed our trip too! Will post that when the video is done =) Hehe!