JuMi's Travel

There is a saying that a short vacation with someone alone is a trial for the relationship. It wasn't an easy vacation, there were a lot of moments when our hearts fell really down and filled with discouragement. We faced a lot of challenges together and learned how each other acts when encountering hardships. We didn't arrive at the perfect location that we both wanted but as long as we are together the location isn't the biggest concern and we are happy. I am sure we had just as much fun in Toronto as we could be at Orlando :) 

We photographed and filmed each other during our late valentine vacation. Miya combined our video during the trip and during flight. I couldn't help but press replay many times and relive our moments. I thank the challenges we faced the past few days. This journey made us understand each other better and we created a bond even stronger than we ever were :)

Thanks my Nyannyan Cat

~ Junio


One of the place we visited was University of Toronto! Mainly because the place is so epic and it was as close as we could get in terms of Harry Potter. Their architectures were amazing and historical. This church was found accidentally I stopped breathing for 2 seconds. The atmosphere was holy and calm. I usually start snapping pictures as soon as I see something beautiful but I stopped to say wow and appreciated before taking pictures.  


Amazing thing about walking in Toronto is the constant discoveries during our exploration. They have a mixture of modern and ancient buildings in ever corner of the city. They value history and built new history on top of the past.


We went to visit China town the next day. Again, loving the buildings!


We checked out from Holiday Inn and stayed at bed and breakfast the last day. We took lots of photos there, will blog about it another time =) meanwhile, this is our breakfast! 


We checked out at 11:00am that morning and carried our luggages to our last jouney, Casa Loma. It was most likely the coldest and hardest part of our journey. It was +10 min walk from the subway station uphill and we both had our luggages. We had a time limit too! We wanted to go to the castle and take some pictures and rush back to subway within one hour so save money on rides =P

Well, we couldn't have stayed any longer anyways because we would miss our flight. 


After that we went to the castle to regain our warmth and then quickly dashed off to the sub and head to airport.

That's the end of our journey! One of the greatest lesson that we learned was that a journey together doesn't have to be complicated as long as we are together :) Harry Potter theme park can wait just a bit longer =)