A space that belongs to me

Since Kunioo launched I felt like I became an adult and lost the curious heart like a child. Children are creative and illogical. They are full of curiosity and the answers that they acquire inspires more questions. Adults are mostly stubborn and must do things correctly. They prefer not ask questions and not explore the world of unknown because life is too busy to ask and seek answer. It is better to stay in a system. I felt like I locked my inspiration in a system ever since Kunioo launched. 

Two years ago I had a goal. I told myself I am going to have every single person acknowledge me as a wedding photographer. In order for that to happen I must only take pictures of weddings and couples. I stopped taking pictures of what inspire me and focused on how to reach my goal. I refused a lot of creative ideas that people suggested me. I deleted all my fashion photography so I never look back. I locked away and no longer store images that didn't inspire me to be world best wedding photographer. I felt like my inspiration stopped growing and I became an adult that focuses on what is right and what is logical and stopped being children that are full of wonders.

I always wanted to create my personal blog but what really inspired me to make it happen was after I tried filming for the first time two weeks ago with my girlfriend Miya Gu at JDCW. I asked myself: Why have I rejected videography before? I knew the answer. The answer was because I am a wedding photographer and I should focus on what I am truly good at. I need to focus, I must focus, I mustn't stray away from what is right and I need to avoid doing what I feel "fun"...and videography to me was not right. I do not need to try that route, I have a team of videographers in Kunioo, there's no point trying it. If I were to try something new then I need to be able to earn a living doing just that. If not, then there are no reason for trying. I realized that concept does not suit me. I need to let my childish heart come back and do what is fun and not what is right.

So this is the reason why I created a personal blog. I needed a space where I can freely post what I want and freely explore what inspires me instead of what I must do. I love wedding photography very much as it is a passport for me to view many people's life, but I also want to pay attention and be inspired by my surrounding. I may be inspired by a stranger that I spotted, I may be inspired by an object, I may even start doing random videos! My life is interesting, my inspiration is worthy of exploring. I want a place where I can document my own life and look back 10 years later. I do not want to think of my life only as an entrepreneur. 

This blog's audience is myself. This is my blog where I want to post what inspires me. This is my blog that I want to look back upon my own growth years from now to remind myself to be a child again and stay inspired.