Kunioo's Office Space!

One of the biggest news of my life these two years is that Henry and I finally got an office space together at New Westminster! Yes, in other words, we moved in together WOOHOO! Love life of Kunioo! Joking :)

Ever since Kunioo launched our biggest challenge was communication. We all had different type of communication method developed from our unique lifestyle. Communication medium such as like facebook group (my personal favorite method), facebook message (for heated conversations), text message (get stuff done), phone (seriously get stuff done), trello (coordinating and managing project and roles), personal email, work email, meetings, iCalendar, google calendar, and probably some more that I can't remember. It takes a long time to complete any tasks because everyone has different preference and updating individually through all the medium was really difficult. Aside from communication, scheduling and managing projects was a difficulty too. This used to be how we communicate as a team or to individual:

1. Person A posts update/task on facebook and text and phone and email to confirm person B received message

2. Person B replies when he/she can review the content through text, facebook

3. Person B requests to schedule a phone meeting with person A

4. Person A replies with availability 

5. Person B replies and confirm availability

6. Phone and make and confirm changes

7. Person B sends update to Person A

8. Confirm changes and repeat from number 1. if any changes are necessary

9. Repeat 1~8 X amount of times depending on how many people in the project.

This usually could take on for 3~4 days for one simple tasks (could be longer depending on availability as well as during phone tag) One task contains around 4~5 schedule checks before we can proceed. It was often frustrating during urgent times. Now that we have office space, our productivity increased drastically. What used to take us 3~4 days became 1 hour. What used to take 2 weeks became 3 days. We maintain our productivity and constantly inspire and motivate each other. It feels so amazing and unreal at the same time. 

Other than productivity, I felt that I start to understand my partner Henry much better. We barely phone or text each other that is not Kunioo related. When we do phone or text each other, it usually means work/business. Each time we reply, it's all about "get it done," "I am on it," "give me a few more days," "what else do we need?" I am starting to be able to connect to his personal life! Same goes for the whole team, we have a place to hang out and meet! And no, when we meet, it's not about getting stuff done, anyone is free to drop by whenever just to chill and update. 

New westminster is in the centre of all of us. We no longer need to look for coffee shops and take turns meeting between Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver, and Richmond. We no longer need to fight for coffee tables, and we always have our materials there when needed. 

I am happy about our progress in every single way and I have never been as excited to go to an office as I am now. There are still a lot to accomplish as Kunioo is growing in incredible speed. We also work to stabilize and value our internal system. 2013 has been very exciting so far. I couldn't ask for more :)

I think the only thing that I miss since we got the office space would be facebook and planning my personal shoots. I only check facebook around 2~3 times in 6~8 hours and I dedicate my time to get stuff done rather than planning my personal projects (such as portraits and blogging) I will have to find a balance somehow :) Still adapting to my new life! Oh and I miss working and editing on my bed half naked too! 

P.S. That's Arnold in the picture! He is my partner for the photo team. Henry missed the meeting so he is treating the two of us! Yay! 

P.P.S. I am trying a different style in editing! Adding some grains for fun. What do you think?