Life is back to being on translink. There are so many things about being on skytrain and buses that I miss after 1 year driving. It reminds me of my high school days when I needed to commute 1.5 hour each way, the environment of being filled with strangers, and the feeling of self reflection.. 

To me transiting is a moment of peace for myself. Other than malfunctions there are no rush because there are absolutely no way that I can rush a Skytrain or a bus driver. Unlike driving where I could choose to speed to a meeting or cursing the traffics accidents caused by people. The time for Skytrain and buses are constant and I have all the time to do anything I want without needing to pay attention to road condition. 

Now that I have data plan (no, I never had data plan until 3 months ago because I got my first smart phone iPhone 5 three months ago!) I've been busy checking facebook, email, texting, to do list, jotting down my thoughts, and starting to get into twitter and instagram! I get to do all the things that would otherwise be illegal to preform on the car. To me, I feel really special and productive. 

I just want to say I am glad to be commuting with bus and skytrain again!