Green Juice

Green Juice is something I've learned from my healthiest bride and groom Jason & Mayna! I swore to make a green juice at least once in my life after Jason talked about it. Mayna sent me her friend's blog that had suggestions, process, ingredients, and preferences, I highly recommend reading her blog if you want to make one for yourself! The process took about 30~40 mins and i felt really healthy for 2~3 days. My bathroom breaks were really smooth and happen daily on a set schedule. I felt really good about myself since I have never tasted anything so healthy in my life!

I used spinach, broccoli, celery, parsley, tomatos, grapes, banana, lemon, avocado, and lastly coconut juice instead of water. Banana, avocado, coconut water, and grapes are my fav ingredient :) they make the juice taste yummy and rich with sweetness. Though I find grape skins quite hard to swallow.

I really enjoyed drinking green juice but I tend to make way too much. I needed at least 2 days with 2 big cups a day for each creation. It's very time consuming and I think it's a great/healthy activity to make on a lazy weekend :) Jason on the other hand makes his green juice every night after his 2 hours workout before bed time. 

However I do have a suggestion for those that plan to make this juice. Avoid adding apple! I made green juice the second time with apple and the liquid and solids ended up separating way too fast. I ended up eating the solids first with a spoon then drinking the coconut water...which was just weird...but yeah! Jason highly recommend adding chilly and ginger for boosting up immune system! The drink will be very spicy, feel free to try it!