I've been admiring Simply Sweet Photography by Nomo for around 2 years and had Nomo as Facebook friend for around one year. It was until few days ago I finally had a chance to go see who is this amazing photographer behind the camera! I find our styles and the way we see the light so similar that it's scary. During the our exploration at this abandoned place at Maple Ridge we would see the same light and and same location and we constantly repeated, "can you stand at the same place and let me take pictures of you? The light is amazing!" 

I am truly glad that I went to visit her at Maple Ridge instead of meeting somewhere else. The sceneries were so beautiful that all i wanted was to drive at 30km/h and enjoy. It so happened that Nomo's passion is to drive and discover locations. While I was driving she would constantly point out, "oh there is a beautiful lake there! Oh there's that abandoned farm that I wanted to go! Beside where I live has a beautiful dyke!" I didn't know somewhere so beautiful could only be 30 min drive away! 

She said she is not comfortable in front the camera and she always hated her own photos…which I have no idea what she was talking about because she was super awesome being in front of the camera! All of the shots were amazing =) All of the sudden a thought struck me. The art of portrait photography is not just about taking pictures of beautiful people, it's about inviting people to be comfortable in front of the camera showing their inner beauty. At one point of time I did not understand the philosophy or concept of portrait photography. I am happy to say that I discovered my reason for portrait photography during the photowalk! I'm learning every day as I take more pictures =)

It was a really fun walk being able to share experiences as a photographer and get my photos done! It was also awesome to get a feel of how it's like to be on the other side of the lens :) Nomo captured a realllly good shot of me :) will upload later! Thanks Nomo!