JuMi's MoMo

Meet our new family member :) MoMo! It's been Nyannyan's dream to get a cat in Canada and it's been my dream to have a pet! We went to visit MoMo couple times last month and she finally grew big enough for us to take home 3 days ago. Currently she is just a little over two months old. She was extremely fragile and afraid of loud sounds and was really shy when we first approached her. 

I had always been a dog lover but Nyannyan and MoMo changed me and now I am a cat person too. Usually Cats are never friendly with me and don't want to let me touch them. I thought cats don't like me cuz I played with many different dogs and may have the scent that cats don't like. MoMo was different, she was the first cat that purred at me, kissed me, and fell asleep in my arms! That was the time when I realized cats could be so loveable other than the times seeing them on YouTube. 

I've been told that Cats are the type that are more independent and not as approachable but MoMo loves us and follow us everywhere. She especially like to sleep in between the legs and tummy area. She likes hiking to the top of us too. Didn't take long for MoMo and JuMi to get friendly with each other :)