Inner self

Usually my photos scream sunshine and laughers, but like most people, human have more than 1 type of personality. I also do have an inner artist that isn't always sunshine and laughters. Creative portrait sessions are opportunities to express my creativity that otherwise could not be expressed during weddings and engagements. I often see my inner child as someone who is calm and dark. Perhaps deep ocean describes the mood I was in past few week the best. 

Strange thing about myself is I often do not know how I feel or what I think until I reflect after an event or discussion. I just discovered that I was inspired by the unemotional side of my personality when I finished editing this portrait session. Like painting, the color and strokes for each painting differs as their mood differs, the mood of my emotion differs as well.

Thanks Nyannyan for standing the cold, it wasn't what you expected but I hope you like them! 

Music I listened to during edit: