JuMi Orlando Trip - Part 1

Totally overdue :) It's okayyy never too late! So after our first attempt to going to Orlando failed, we triple made sure we got all the necessary VISA document as well as passport renewal and at the end of April we successfully crossed the US boarder and went to Orlando :) This is 2 of our 6 days trip.

We split our trip into 2 parts, Universal Studio and Disney World. Both were exciting, but I must say Universal Studio is MUCH smaller and 2 days was enough to go through every single corner. Harry Potter was the main reason we went on this journey. So we spent a good 4~5 hours there. Seeing snow on all the roof while everyone was wearing tank top made me laugh. Pumpkin juice was awesome. Butter beer was interesting. Every flavour jellybean was deadly. 

The other highlight at universal studio was Marvel and DC section :) I really enjoyed seeing all the super hero I love in person. You'll see me becoming Ironman later! Oh and of course, Minions :)

We bought a 2 days food pass. It wasn't really worth it...burgers and fries everywhere we go. It felt very unhealthy...be prepared to eat no vege nor fruits at Universal Studio! 

Okay! Pictures are more exciting. Enjoy :)