Aaron (and me at training)

Many of you have already known that for 26 years I have been obsessed with going on diet, loosing weight as well as having "visible" 6 pack. Well! I thought I take this seriously and not just exercising without a direction.

This is Aaron, my role model in fitness as well as my strength & conditioning coach at Engineered Bodies. He is a strength & conditioning coach for Military as well as Firefighters. Some of you have been asking me why am I going all the way to Port moody, and this is my answer, GET RID OF MY BELLY FAT! It's been way too long, and it'll only grow rounder and softer. So I must take action now before I reach 30 and potentially have a permanent beer belly (no I don't drink beer). 

Engineered body has changed my perspective of training in the gym. They first measure my weakness, flexibility, as well as any imbalance in body strength. Then they train me to fix my body's flaws and proper techniques on lifting weights to avoid any injuries. Amazing thing that I find is that If one can not flex or bend a certain way, the trainers will find ways to do exercises safely without damaging any limitations. In my case, my right wrist constantly gets injured so Aaron figure out different ways for me to do push ups to strengthen my upper body. Also, my back which is the other weak part of my body usually get sprained or feel pain, but thanks to Aaron's training I did not feel any pain after 2 weddings in a row last weekend! 

I also learned a concept that fats burn away after muscles are developed; and belly fat can not be gone purely by doing sit ups and cardio! As my techniques start to get better, we adjust the weights so that I can start building more muscles.

It has been inspiring having Aaron train me. After reading his story (part 1, part 2), I know that what I want to become is possible and he is the living proof. Aaron has been extremely patient knowing that I'm not the strongest person with weird body limitations. He would adjust the exercises and give me micro tips to teach me how to become better. 

So far, I have been feeling pretty good about myself! Not that i can see a difference in my body yet (in fact I gained 2 more pounds...but this may be muscle gains before fat burn.) 

This is a photo session I did for Aaron :) below have some photos of the exercises I am going through. Nothing crazy! Step by step :)