JuMi Orlando Trip - Part 2

Second portion of our Orlando trip which consisted of 3rd and 4th day of our 7 days trip. We visited two kingdoms, Magic Kingdom & Epcot. Both were amazing! I was in love with Magic Kingdom's castle as it was mind blowing to see such a large detailed fantasy structure in real life. Disney World brought back the child in me.

It was my first time (aside from when i was a kid) seeing all the disney characters in real life. I wanted to give them big hugs (especially Jasmine and Aladdin) but ended up giving a man's handshake when it was finally my turn to take pictures with them. I must admit, it was extremely awkward as adults don't really give teenagers hugs first thing first time meeting. Jasmine would ppbly think I'm up to something...that was a little disappointing...but I took pics with them so it's all good!

Fast pass was extremely useful for avoiding line ups while being able to enjoy the surrounding. For those that don't know what is a fast pass, it's a pass that you scan at a machine which gives you a ticket letting you know when you can come back for the show so you don't need to wait in line. If I didn't remember wrong, you can use fast pass every 45 mins at different stations :) So make use of it if you get one!

The food at Disney was extremely expensive. They usually cost at least $10. After I accepted the fact that eating will be expensive, I focused on enjoying instead of counting pennies. There were 2 food that I highly recommend. Disney's famous turkey leg & American Dream. Turkey legs blew my mind away. They costed around $10 each but it was worth it! I had one every single day when I discovered it. It was the first thing I would get for day 3,4,5, and 6. Oh, just a tip if you choose to get turkey legs. Prepare to battle with the birds. They loveeee turkey legs…and they come in packs…I seriously had to do some kicks to scare them off. They were cute at first…but not after 5 min of protecting my turkey legs from them.

American Dream was my other big fav. It's a drink layered with red & blue slurpees with vanilla ice cream. I didn't take a picture of it as Miya & I finished it before we realized we hit the bottom. They were sold at Epcot's America section. I would have gotten 2 more if I noticed that America's section was the only place that sold American Dream in Disney. 

Lastly…we realized the importance of water, drinks there are at least $4 or $5. It was so hot that we ended up needing to buy drinks no matter how much water we carried. 

Okay! That sums up day 3 and 4 :) Will be posting part 3 some other time!