Taiwan - Chinese New Year

Taiwan had always been the most inspirational place for me. As I grew older I started appreciate and understand the stories that my mom, my dad, my grandparents, my uncle and my aunts' share with me. I was always proud to be part of this family tree that had always been trying to think for the people. We thrive to grow while staying humble and positive no matter how bad or how good the situation may be. It felt like there were endless amount of stories waiting for me to discover as I mentally matured to absorb.

2/3 of my life had been in Canada, and I often forget myself as a Taiwanese. So I go back every year to remind myself, discover and rediscover my history. I also go back to Taiwan to be reminded how hard my family worked and considered and endured for my brother and I to be able to grow freely in Vancouver. My mom had always been able to read people's heart. She understood immediately that I could not live to my fullest with Taiwanese education. My brother is smart so he would do well, but my potential needed to be encouraged out from others, not by striking me with endless directions.

This return was unexpected. I decided to go back for Chinese New Year for the first time in 17 years due to many events happening all within 24 hours; the glasses & GPS thief being one of the reasons. But I was glad I returned home and celebrated with my family. It was a good break, and I dedicated all 9 days to be with my family :)