Elements of Personality

It's been a good full year since I shot anything that is more fashion based. Quite nostalgic! Elena and I used to do a lot of creative portraits and fashion related shoots together 2.5 years ago when we first started to collaborate! She often suggested applying artistic make up and hair to exercise the artsy side of her brain while I always thought, "nah...looks kinda scary..." Well! It finally happend and she pulled it off super awesome! We all had a tight schedule and limited time to do what we must! I had 7 minutes to shoot each person, she had about 2~3 hours to apply make up and hair to 4 ladies! During this collaboration Emily who was the stylist and planner was also constantly watching the time. It all worked out! So it's cool! The shooting time took about 45 mins. Way to go team :) We left to where we must go immediately. Glad the weather wasn't too bad! 

The theme "My natural beauty - my true element" involved clashing 4 different type of personality and represent them in four different elements. Green / Earthy wood & tree, Red / Burning fire & sparks, White / Intangible water & air, Mix of color / Delicate flower & fruit.


The contest was held four months ago by Emily (organizer), Elena (make up and hair), and myself. Took a lot of planning and juggling around ideas but it finally happend :)